This document contains the terms and conditions applicable to individuals in the event that a Client has subscribed to the services of CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC (hereinafter refered to as CABLESAT) commercially recognized as CableSat by telephone or through our website, for the purpose of providing the general conditions of such contracting. The contracted services are those that the Client has requested by phone or through our web page, and that are detailed to the Client in the letter of confirmation of the contracting made as well as in the invoices available ON THE WEB. Of the following terms and conditions, only those that correspond to the services actually contracted by the Client will apply.

Right of cancelation: in the case of a telephone or electronic subscription, the Customer has the right to cancel the service with (CABLESAT) for a period of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the SERVICE AGREEMENT. In accordance with current legislation, the Client may not exercise the right of cancelation AFTER THE 31st DAY.

CableSat is the trademark of CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC located in 527 NE 69th Street Miami, Florida, 33138, USA. CableSat is the commercial brand of Valores Y Servicios Euroamérica, S.L. domiciled in Calle Claudio Coello 51 1st floor of Madrid, Madrid, zip code 28001.


CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC (hereinafter refered to as "we" or "CABLESAT") commits to provide the Client, through these General Conditions, the services subscribed by the individual that are described in the following sections and that include bandwidth services provided through fiber optic technology, either in the mode of data transport as well as mobile services. CABLESAT offers the Client the possibility of subscribing to the services in a combined way, benefiting from the advantages that this entails. For this, the Client can consult the website of or request Customer Service of CableSat (hereinafter, Customer Service) if they want more information about these services. The telephone numbers are 911 875 219 and 911 995 293 from 6am to 24pm.

This service covers the offers on our website in case of electronic subscription, or that has been notified by telephone, in the case of telephone subscription, in accordance with this, the Customer will be entitled to receive FROM AN ANTENNA PROPERTY OF THE CUSTOMER in the country to which the customer belongs THE TOTALITY OF FREE CHANNELS (free to air). The television channels that are included in the commercial offer of the service are legally binding and freely established by the television operators (Television Operators) who carry out the corresponding broadcasts. The Television Operators are responsible for ensuring that the audiovisual services comply with the provisions of the current legislation. CABLESAT will not be responsible for the content or programming changes of the television channels THE CABLESAT SERVICE only consists of the transport of the content from the antenna of the client and to where the client wishes to view them. Neither will be responsible, even indirectly or subsidized, for products or services provided or offered by other people or entities, or for the content, information, communications, opinions or statements of any kind originated or served by third parties which turn out to be accessible through the Service. The television channels that are made available to the Customer are those that appear in the electronic guide of the service which is accessed directly WITH A DTT ANTENNA, the service is not intended for use outside the country, if the customer extraordinarily transfers the equipment purchased or leased to CABLESAT (Securities and services Euroamerica) any sanction or liability are exclusive to the customer, the customer subscribing this digital contract excludes CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC from all liability for the use of CABLESAT.

The execution of any rights of exploiting the content to which the customer has access through the service, and in particular, the public communication of these, will be the subject to obtaining by the Client, the necessary authorizations and payment of remuneration belonging to the holders of the rights or, where appropriate, to the management entities of intellectual property that manage them, as well as to the fulfillment of the rest of the requirements foreseen by the current regulations. The present General Conditions do not enable the Client to perform any of such acts to the extent that they contravene the provisions of the laws of their respective country.

The Client commits to use the service in a private setting and without the possibility of making any act of public showing, and is not authorized or enabled by this contract, for use in a public establishment (establishment or non-residential venue in which drinks and / or meals are served to be consumed in the same place, such as bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc.).

Ver TV Online: This service gives the Client access, from any of the authorized devices connected to the Internet, from any physical location where there is coverage, CABLESAT does not guarantee the quality, since it will depend on the connection speed available at any time, according to the coverage and intensity of the signal in the physical location in which the Client is located. CABLESAT can not guarantee the absence of viruses in the different contents contracted by the Client, and therefore, will not be responsible for any possible damages caused by the presence of the same or any similar element or of the same characteristics found in the contents related to the service and its perks. For the provision of the Ver TV Online service, it will be an essential condition that the Client has contracted some other INTERNET SERVICE IN THE PLACE WHERE THE EQUIPMENT OF THEIR PROPERTY IS PLACED TO ACCESS THE INTERNET.

The Services will be provided according to the rates established by CABLESAT and accepted by the Client. These rates are accessible through the website or by calling Customer Service. In accordance with current legislation CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC may modify the rates in the event that there are regulatory or technological changes or variations in the services contracted and / or the rates applicable to them. To do this, CABLESAT will inform the Customer by any means valid in law, with at least one month notice any changes in rates, services or other aspects thereof. CABLESAT will communicate the modification of rates to the competent bodies with, at least, thirty (30) days in advance.

Depending on the subscribed services, the acquisition title of the equipment can be sale or rent, which will be previously communicated to the Client for acceptance. The Customer shall be solely responsible for any claims arising from the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment that is not owned by CABLESAT.

The Customer may purchase any of the devices sold by CABLESAT under the conditions established in the WEBSITE. Technical support staff will help to install and configure with the Client the devices related to the subscribed service. The wireless coverage of the devices will be limited by the internal structure of the Client's location, without CABLESAT being responsible for the Client not being able to access the service from any point within their domicile, nor for the consequences that for the Customer may derive from the use of equipment supplied under these circumstances.

The aquired devices associated with the contract, have a BASIC WARRANTY period of two years from the date of purchase, delivery or date of installation.

If the Customer has any kind of problem with his acquired device, and it is still wthin the warranty period, it should contact our Customer Service.

In no case does the basic warranty cover the faults attributable to the Client due to incorrect handling, wrong settings applied on the equipment or due to negligence.

The Client may rent devices AVAILABLE ON OUR WEB SITE, CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC will provide the Client with an APPLE TV - ROKU - AMAZON FIRE TV or similar internet device for rent. For the rental of such equipment, which is the property of CABLESAT, the Customer must comply with the established rates. The Client will be responsible for its good use and custody, commiting not to damage, misplace, manipulate or modify any device. In particular, the Customer must not, under any circumstances, open or access the internal parts of the rented equipment or, in any case, manipulate or replace them for fraudulent use. CABLESAT will replace or repair the rented equipment free of charge, provided that the Customer has not tampered with, made technical modifications to it or caused damage on purpose or by negligence. If CABLESAT at its option will replace or repair the damaged equipment. CABLESAT offers support by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service, however, does not include the correction of breakdowns arising from damages done on purpose by the Customer or from negligence, therefore the Customer will be charged with the cost of these repairs according to the current rates.

Upon the termination of the contract, whatever its cause, the Customer must return in good condition all the equipment that has been rented or provided by CABLESAT For this, CABLESAT will contact the Client in advance, request its return and inform of the propper procedure and deadline to carry it out, which may not exceed thirty (30) days from the date on which the Client has been notified.

If after the aforementioned period has elapsed, and the Customer does not return the equipment to CABLESAT , the Customer will be billed an amount of up to 100 euros for each device as compensation for not fulfilling the agreed obligation.

The Client declares that he has the permits and licenses of third parties that, in his case, are necessary for the installation and use of the service.

The client declares that he will use the services only at the locations where it can be legally done, the client declares to know that it is technically IMPOSSIBLE for CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC to know exactly the point from which the client watches the Television content, is for that reason that the Client exempts CABLESAT from all liability since CABLESAT can not technically control it.

CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC uses a ONE to ONE service, where one means the endpoint where FREE CONTENT is captured WITH AN EQUIPMENT assigned or owned by the client and the OTHER ONE means the endpoint from which the client with its own or rented internet device will WATCH THIS CONTENT, all this as long as it is legal to be able to do it.

CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC AND ITS TRADEMARKS eg: CABLESAT or CableSat, does not broadcast or offer television content to its customers, only offers internet equipment rental, selling of internet equipment and DTT antennas (digital terrestrial television).

The equipment that CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC provides, will allow the client to access thousands of other providers, for example NETFLIX - HBO - HULU - FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE and many others, many of these have paid content and CABLESAT is not responsible in any way for content outside of that which is displayed on the customer's DTT antenna and under the CABLESAT logo or any of its trademarks.

If CABLESAT detects or receives any communication of misuse by the customer, CABLESAT may suspend temporarily or indefinetly the service of this client WITHOUT NEED for compensation of any kind.

In case of CABLESAT suspending the internet transport service of the clients content (cancellation and closure of account) CABLESAT WILL NOT CHARGE THE CUSTOMER for the last 30 calendar days.

Trial service: CABLESAT GRANTS the client 30 days OF TRIAL WITHOUT ANY COST, if within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the WEBSITE or telephone subscription the client decides NOT TO CONTINUE with our services. THE CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT PAY ANYTHING.

In case of renting CABLESAT equipment, NO rent or service will be charged, but IT WILL at all times, apply the clause for the return of the equipment or devices, this clause is the number 6 out of these 8 points.

There is no contract or obligation with CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC outside of those contained in the previous 7 clauses of SERVICE REQUEST AND PAYMENT OBLIGATIONS, the client can at any time cancel all or part of our service, there are NO penalties of any kind OR PAYMENT that the client must make, except for the time of effective use of our service until the day of cancellation.

For any legal effect, notifications or pertinent recourses, CABLESAT legal and fiscal address is located in 527 NE 69th Street Miami, Florida, 33138, USA.