At the moment of requesting our service by telephone or through the WEBSITE you will automatically receive a username and a password that allows you to use Cablesat Americas LLC (hereinafter CABLESAT) Commercially recognized as CableSat. From this moment, OUR 30 DAYS OF TRIAL WITHOUT RISK begin to run. If you decide not to continue, you will not pay anything. The 30 NATURAL DAYS are considered as this: include the day of the service request as day 1 and the 30th calendar day as day 30. THERE IS NO CONTRACT BETWEEN CABLESAT AND THE SERVICE APPLICANT, the applicant can at any moment rescind from our services and ask without penalty or need to pay for the withdrawal of our services with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

As of the 31st calendar day of your service request, you will begin your payment obligations, which consist ONLY of the payment of the current month of CABLESAT services and the taxes that may apply.

The Services will be provided according to the rates established by CABLESAT and accepted by the Client. These rates are accessible through the website www.CableSat.us or by calling Customer Service. In accordance with current legislation Valores y Servicios Euroamerica S.L. may modify the rates in the event that there are regulatory or technological changes or variations in the services contracted and / or the rates applicable to them. To do this, CABLESAT will inform the Customer by any means valid in law, with at least one month's notice, any changes in rates, services or other aspects thereof. CABLESAT will communicate the modification of rates to the competent bodies with, at least, thirty (30) days in advance.

The Customer may purchase any of the devices sold by CABLESAT under the conditions established in the WEBSITE. Technical support staff will help to install and configure with the Client the devices related to the subscribed service. The wireless coverage of the devices will be limited by the internal structure of the Client's location, without CABLESAT being responsible for the Client not being able to access the service from any point within their domicile, nor for the consequences that for the Customer may derive from the use of equipment supplied under these circumstances.

The aquired devices associated with the contract, have a BASIC WARRANTY period of two years from the date of purchase, delivery or date of installation.

If the Customer has any kind of problem with his acquired device, and it is still wthin the warranty period, he should contact our Customer Service.

In no case does the basic warranty cover the faults attributable to the Client due to incorrect handling, wrong settings applied on the equipment or due to negligence.

The Client may rent devices AVAILABLE ON OUR WEB SITE, CABLESAT AMERICAS LLC will provide the Client with an APPLE TV - ROKU - AMAZON FIRE TV or similar internet device for rent. For the rental of such equipment, which is the property of CABLESAT, the Customer must comply with the established rates. The Client will be responsible for its good use and custody, commiting not to damage, misplace, manipulate or modify any device. In particular, the Customer must not, under any circumstances, open or access the internal parts of the rented equipment or, in any case, manipulate or replace them for fraudulent use. CABLESAT will replace or repair the rented equipment free of charge, provided that the Customer has not tampered with, made technical modifications to it or caused damage on purpose or by negligence. If CABLESAT at its option will replace or repair the damaged equipment. CABLESAT offers support by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service, however, does not include the correction of breakdowns arising from damages done on purpose by the Customer or from negligence, therefore the Customer will be charged with the cost of these repairs according to the current rates.

Upon the termination of the contract, whatever its cause, the Customer must return in good condition all the equipment that has been rented or provided by CABLESAT For this, CABLESAT will contact the Client in advance, request its return and inform of the propper procedure and deadline to carry it out, which may not exceed thirty (30) days from the date on which the Client has been notified.

If after the aforementioned period has elapsed, the Customer does not return the If after the aforementioned period has elapsed, and the Customer does not return the equipment to CABLESAT , the Customer will be billed an amount of up to 100 euros for each device as compensation for not fulfilling the agreed obligation.

CABLESAT GRANTS the client 30 days OF TRIAL WITHOUT ANY COST, if within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the WEBSITE or telephone subscription the client decides NOT TO CONTINUE with our services, THE CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT PAY ANYTHING.

In case of renting CABLESAT equipment, NO rent or service will be charged, but IT WILL at all times, apply the clause for the return of the equipment or devices, this clause is the number 6 out of these 8 points.

SINCE NO CONTRACT EXIST, the customer does not have a commitment of any kind. CABLESAT services can also be canceled (CANCELATION) by telephone or trough our web site, the cancellation is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY and once the service is canceled, the client should not pay any sum at all.